What is a Net Zero Renovation?

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What is a Net Zero Renovation?

With sustainability an ever-present topic of conversation these days, you may have overheard the term “Net Zero Home” recently, and wondered exactly what it entails. Simply put, Net Zero Homes produce as much clean energy as they consume. They are up to 80% more energy efficient than conventional new homes, and use renewable energy systems to generate the balance of the power they need. 

Net Zero Homes have caught the eye of savvy consumers for the last few years, and for good reason; their investment yields a healthier, more comfortable and sustainable living experience. That said, the biggest draw of a Net Zero Home is undoubtedly the cost savings that owners enjoy over time. More efficient systems lead to reduced energy bills, which translates into more disposable income for homeowners—and who doesn’t love extra money in their pocket every month?

For the past few years, new home construction has been trending towards achieving Net Zero levels, but until recently, the Canadian Home Builders’ Association’s Net Zero Home certification was only available for new builds. Fortunately, CHBA has expanded the Net Zero label to include renovations, and we are proud to be one of the first companies in Canada to become a Net Zero Trained Renovator. With the help of our talented team, your home could be the next candidate for a Net Zero Renovation, giving you all the benefits of Net Zero Home—without starting from scratch.


Homeowner Benefits

Maybe you’ve recently made a move and would like to renovate before completely settling in; or maybe the considerable amount of time spent at home during the pandemic has prompted you to rethink your space; whatever your reason, you can feel confident about your investment in a Net Zero Renovation.

First and foremost, a Net Zero Reno offers exceptional value. Not only will your utility bills fall to an all-time low, but they’ll stay low all year round. You’ll also be protected against future increases in energy prices, which can add up to significant long-term savings. High-performance windows and better-insulated walls and roof increase the durability of your home, while energy efficient appliances, lighting, mechanical systems, and renewable energy systems (often solar) help contribute towards your home’s sustainability.

With a Net Zero Renovation, you’ll feel the difference. Cutting-edge construction methods and materials complement advanced heating, cooling, and ventilation equipment to create incredibly consistent temperatures throughout your home. If you’re prone to allergies or respiratory problems, a Net Zero Reno is a game-changer. A built-in filtered fresh air system reduces allergens and asthma triggers, including dust, pollen and outdoor air pollution, providing exceptional indoor air quality for healthier living. You’ll also appreciate the tranquility that a Net Zero Renovation provides. Tightly built and well insulated, Net Zero Renos create a quieter space that virtually silence exterior noises like traffic, lawnmowers, and barking dogs. All in all, you experience exceptional comfort all year round, no matter what’s happening outside your front door.

It’s not just you and your family that will benefit from a Net Zero Renovation; the planet will thank you as well. Your investment in a Net Zero Renovation helps combat climate change by reducing your household’s environmental footprint, helping preserve natural resources for future generations. 

Solar Panels For Net Zero Renovation



In late 2020, CHBA expanded their Net Zero Home Labelling Program to include renovations. Homeowners were delighted by the news, as it meant they could finally achieve all the benefits of a Net Zero Home in their existing residence, by way of deep energy retrofits. Unfortunately, with renovations, the path to completion isn’t always linear. Attempting to blend old with new can pose more challenges than a new build. As a result, some homes can more easily pursue a Net Zero Renovation than others.

That said, even if your home isn’t deemed an appropriate candidate for a Net Zero Renovation, you can still achieve a Net Zero Ready Renovation. A Net Zero Ready Renovation has a renewable energy system designed for it, allowing it to achieve Net Zero Home performance, but the renewable energy system is not yet installed. Conversely, a Qualified Net Zero Renovation is recognized as being designed, modelled, and constructed to produce as much energy (from on-site renewable energy sources) as it consumes, on an annual basis.

A Net Zero Trained Renovator can help you navigate the application process and take your renovation from commencement to completion. Leading-edge construction practices can be very complex, but a knowledgeable builder/renovator can guide you through the process with ease. To obtain the Net Zero Renovator training certification, a renovator must be a CHBA member in good standing, a RenoMark renovator, and complete the required training. The CHBA Net Zero Home logo, shown below, can help identify a Net Zero Trained Renovator in your area.

Net Zero Renovator Logo


Costs Involved

Home renovation costs can vary, depending on what your preferences include. A Net Zero Renovation may include more initial costs than a traditional renovation, but it’s important to understand that your short-term investment will lead to long-term savings. Furthermore, a Net Zero Renovation adds significant value to your home’s market worth.

The Canadian government supports Net Zero actions, and recently detailed their goals for the next few decades. As a result, incentive programs have started to pop up to help offset costs of Net Zero building and renovating. Natural Resources Canada provides a directory of energy efficient programs for homes, including retrofits and financial incentives.


If you’re planning a remodel, consider a Net Zero Renovation for a healthier, more comfortable and sustainable living experience. A Net Zero Trained Renovator can assist you in determining your home’s candidacy and work with you every step of the way. Request your free quote today; it could be life changing for you, your family, and the environment.

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